ABATE Toys for Tots run 2013


Thats what the IOMC is all about. Our people, our families, our kids. Today we were honored with the privilege of road guarding for the run as so many bikes gathered to shake hands, bask in beautiful weather, and deliver some presents to a local fire department in the name of Toys for Tots- an initiative aimed at helping provide gifts to families who otherwise couldn’t do so for their children. This run is an awesome sight. Local people come out to cheer the bikes on as we parade a high traffic route through the city. No Mercy would like to thank the local police and fire agencies who helped block traffic for us as well as the people of Columbus for showing such support (and patience) for this huge group of bikes as we held up traffic for an awesome cause.


Fighting The Good Fight

DSC01804As a fairly new chapter within the Iron Nation, No Mercy was honored to be called upon by one of our Brothers who lives a fair distance from our area who asked us for some help. Living the true spirit of Brotherhood, our members jumped at the chance when we heard this Brother’s story of his blood sister who was fighting cancer and was struggling to make ends meet. We were just getting our bearings as a chapter, the ink hadn’t even dried on our charter when our chapter President took this call and relayed the information to our members. The chapter Brothers couldn’t help but spring into action as we planned our first event to both announce our presence to the public and help this wonderful young lady.

Fighting cancer is something near and dear to many of us in the Iron Nation. Many of us have fought the battle ourselves, even more have stood by the side of a loved one while they fought for their lives. It has become our chapter’s mission to contribute to the fight against cancer in any way possible and to help as many as we can in their trials. When we found that this Brother’s sister was covering her treatment costs out of pocket and on her own, we knew we had to help. As the battle raged on, she was unable to continue working in her profession because some of the chemicals she was taking in the Chemo and Radiation treatments made it difficult for her to do her job. That made it even harder to earn the nearly $4000 needed to pay for each of the treatment sessions. The officers of the No Mercy Crew decided to launch into action a plan that had been rattling around the chapters of Ohio for some time but never really took off. When the dust settled, we were all proud to have put together the first T & A Run and honored to see Brothers and friends from all over the state rise to the call and support the cause while taking some time to ride (in the rain) and look at some naked women- Bikes, Beers, and Boobs, all in one day does not a bad day make!

DSC01809While it took some coordination, we were finally able to put together a day and time to deliver the money raised for our extended sister. This gave us a great opportunity to ride around a good part of central Ohio as we wound through the back roads and made our way to the family’s house. Once we arrived we were greeted like family- as if they’d known us the whole time. While we try to make the world a better place in all that we do, it is really special when we get the opportunity to help someone so close to our Brothers. We chatted for some time and got to hear first hand how this strong woman was handling her battle with the beast of cancer. It was such a blessing to hear that with the support of her family around her, things seemed to be looking up and there was a good chance that she would win her fight. As we delivered the money, and spent some time with the family, it became clear that we had added new members to our own family. DSC01811As the excitement settled down, we spent some time taking the kids for motorcycle rides in the country- it seems little ones are always so excited to get on the bikes! It touched each of us deeply to be able to participate in this event. We are all so blessed to have been allowed to be a part of this story! While we will always wish we could do more, we know our contributions helped.







Fight hard, live strong, and never give up!


A Lazy Day of Bar Hopping

Bar HoppingOne of the main reasons we live this life is to RIDE!! No Mercy is one of the few chapters in the Iron Nation with a mileage requirement for our members which means that we encourage our members to get in the wind as often as possible. After all, this IS a motorcycle club! In order to promote our chapter bonds and to help push the mileage our members clock, we have made it a priority to organize regular rides which have been known to reach 250 miles or more in an afternoon. But sometimes, we like to take it easy, bounce around the local bars, and engage with the community. This is a huge part of what we are. Not only to get our faces out there and meet new people but to interact with the local community and learn what’s important in our back yard. Doing this allows us to focus on causes that are important to the people and lets us give back to the city that is so great to us!

Cancer Benefit For One Of Our Own

IOMC Brotherhood
No Mercy was honored to attend a benefit this weekend for one of our Maidens who is battling breast cancer. This woman is a driving force behind one of the best Brothers in the Iron Nation and we are privileged to be a part of her recovery! Fortunately, the mettle of this woman, in conjunction with the miracles of modern medicine and early detection, seem to have stomped the fight out of this nasty demon and we’re all hoping for a full and speedy recovery! It’s always amazing to see our Brotherhood come together in times when we need it most, to take care of our own!
Spending time with our Brothers and Maidens is one of the most important things in this life. We all choose to live fast and ride hard which means we never really know if we’ll see each other again and that makes it all the more special to cherish the time we have when we can get it. Stealing these memories gives us all a reason to smile and keep on doing what we do! It’s a hard, crazy life but I don’t think any of us would choose anything different.

Wind therapy

We were blessed with some time to spend bonding and outrunning our demons this weekend. It is so great to have a Brotherhood of this magnitude! We are a part of something bigger than any one individual, even our chapter is but a small piece of the bigger picture. While it’s not always easy being a part of the Iron Order MC, we enjoy everything that comes with it- the good, the bad, and the ugly!


Biggest Party of the Year!

IOMC_BillboardOne of the things that every biker looks forward to is a good party and the IOMC sure knows how to throw ‘em! As we prepare to converge on one location, JugHead is flying the highways and byways, the back roads and state routes, to join brothers from all over the world for what never disappoints as one hell of a party!

We never need an excuse to make a run but the opportunity to spend time with Brothers we don’t get to see often is one of the best! We’re proud to be a part of the Iron Order Nation and excited for the privilege to party our tails off with some of the best men and women who ride.

As the weather heats up, the Iron Order MC and bikers everywhere will be out on the roads. Please pay attention while you’re in your cars, tweeting, posting on facebook, or rockin’ out to the radio. We love what we do but we hate to see our comrades in the wind get injured or killed- look twice, save a life. Motorcycles are everywhere!


2013 Blessing of the Bikes


No Mercy joined with several other chapters from Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky to make our annual pilgrimage to the Blessing of the Bikes. It’s always awesome to roll into an event with a big pack and this year was no exception!


We love seeing all the riders from the area gather to appreciate the bikes and to spend some time together to appreciate the lifestyle we’ve all chosen. There were so many gorgeous machines out there that we spent much of the day oogling the craftsmanship of customization and some really cool paint jobs.


This day is also to bless the bikes and the riders with good fortune through the coming season. We choose a dangerous life in that we never know what might happen on the open road, so asking for the guidance of whatever higher power one might believe in can’t be a bad thing! It’s nice to know that you’re guardian angles are flying beside you while the wind blows us along our adventures.

No Mercy T&A Run

Run Flyer

Run Flyer

What an awesome turnout we had! Thanks to all who came out to support the crew in our first official event!



Bikes at Siren's

Bikes at Siren’s

We put this shindig together to help battle cancer and were able to raise HUNDREDS of dollars despite the weather! Several friends and IO Family came out to visit local strip clubs, spend quality time riding together, and get a free bike wash! It always reminds us why we do what we do when people put aside their personal lives to spend a little time to raise money for a good cause.¬†Thanks again for those who came out to support us! We’re looking forward to seeing you all again soon and are already putting together plans for our next event!



Spring has sprung!


Vikings Bike Wash

Well we’ve been waiting on this time to come, battling the cold, gloomy, snowy central Ohio weather. After months of impatiently waiting, spring is finally upon us! The Brothers of the No Mercy Crew took the opportunity to get in the wind and spend some time strengthening our Brotherly bonds. As the patch holders started to assemble, some took an opportunity to stop and have the bikes washed by the Vikings,¬† a local girl’s softball team, who was holding a car wash to raise money for their coming season. Since the Iron Order MC advocates strong community involvement, we spent some time talking to these girls (who loved the opportunity to scrub down the bikes) and their parents who appreciated the support and encouragement. It was a lot of funwatching the kids interact with each other and to see the softer side of the big ugly bikers shine. It was also nice to see the dads flock to hand dry the bikes, wanting so badly to live the life we lead and to share the bonds of Brotherhood. Once the bikes were clean we took some time to run the route for our coming charity run, stopped for some food, and rolled around looking at possible clubhouse locations.

We’re looking forward to more nice weather and we hope to see you in the wind!

Happy Halloween!

Halloween - 2012

Halloween – 2012

Well, as the Halloween weekend winds down I just wanted to wish you all a fun, safe time as you celebrate my favorite holiday of the year. Halloween is awesome if you have fun with it. This is a time to be spooked and get spooky. The sexy little costumes come out and the scary imaginations are let loose. Kids get to run amok this week on a sugar high provided by strangers as they terrorize the neighborhoods. And yes, I’ll be out there, on my bike, roaming the streets and tossing out some candy as well. Don’t take it too seriously but be responsible and pay attention! Kids aren’t the best at this sort of thing so while you’re ripping down the streets, slow it down a notch and remember the little crumb snatchers are out here begging for cavity causing confections. And motorcycles are everywhere- watch for them! I had to walk away from my Brother and his wife in the trauma unit because some moron in a cage wasn’t paying attention as they pulled out onto the road and caused him to lay his bike down. This is unacceptable people. You’re operating a vehicle- that is a HUGE weapon you’re wielding! Most of you can barely operate the vehicle under normal conditions let alone when you’re texting, tweeting, or stuffing another McDouble down your gullet! So have fun with it but keep your hands on the wheel, your eyes on the road, and slow down a bit. And for cryin’ out loud, if you’re intoxicated on ANY level, please stay home.